Nursing Home Week: “International Day”

On the first day of Nursing Home Week, we started with an international theme. We had stakeholders from the countries of Bulgaria and El Salvador help us with our culture fair and host booths from their countries. They both brought in food from their countries for the residents to taste test. We also had two other booths from Japan and Kenya.

Our residents loved learning about these different countries, and most of all taste testing the yummy (and maybe not so yummy when it came to the octopus) cuisines. It was a fun filled day with brand new experiences to be sure.

To end the day we had Matt Bridges from Music for Seniors come in and play island themed music with our residents. He brought in plenty of instruments for them to play along with him. They loved listening and playing along to the music with fun daiquiris in their hands.

Day one of nursing home week was a wonderful success!