Day Trippin’ to Alabama

Residents and staff from Signature HealthCARE of Columbia and Signature HealthCARE of Madison took a trip to Huntsville, Ala. to visit the Space and Rocket Center. It was a day full of activities, but it started with a beautiful fall drive down I-65.

We learned many fun facts about the different rockets, engines, and how astronauts live in space. One interesting fact we learned is that astronauts combat the effects of weightlessness by exercising for at least two hours a day! Whew!

It was cool to see all of the different rockets on display around the museum. We saw just about everything the museum had to offer, even an IMAX movie about the “Journey to Space”.

It was such a fun day bringing these two groups together. I feel like this was just the beginning of the collaborations for these two buildings.

Ashley Graham, Regional Quality of Life Director