Nursing Home Week: “Signature’s Got Talent – 50s Day”

Our last day of Nursing Home Week was 50s Day. In the morning we made homemade milkshakes and listened to 50s music. That afternoon we had our second annual Signature’s Got Talent Show. Our show was opened by Presley–the cutest 11-year-old singer that you have ever laid eyes on. She has got some serious talent folks! She came to help pass out coke floats during our show with her Mom, Chauncy, who donated the coke float materials from Gentiva. We also had refreshments donated by Lifecare. Thank you all very much! We had performances from several of our residents, our chaplain, chef, and David (a quality of life team member) and they all knocked it out of the park! It was a close call, but our winners were David and Amieca. They will be heading to a finals in July, so wish them luck. We ended the day with a slideshow of our awesome week and then watched a drive-in movie–Greece!

Anthony the Balloon Kid

Also on our space day, we had a visit from Anthony the Balloon Kid. He made some space themed balloons for our residents and others by request. His balloon work is so great and he made so many of our residents’ day that he deserved his own post. We are so thankful and still in awe of the work he does!

Nursing Home Week: “Journey into Outer Space Day”

For our fourth day of Nursing Home Week, we took a journey into outer space. We watched a fascinating documentary about space and then we had a glow party that afternoon. To really bring space to Madison, we had the whole room decorated with planets and glow stars. We even tasted space food. Our residents had to guess what the different types of freeze dried foods were, and they loved it!

Nursing Home Week: “Stone Age Day”

On day three of Nursing Home Week we brought the stone ages back to Signature HealthCARE of Madison. Some of our stakeholders dressed up like the Flintstones and the residents had a ball with it. Not only did the Flintstones come to visit, but they brought their famous car with them. All of the residents that wanted to were able to get their picture made in the car. Also, in true Flintstone style, we had a bowling competition. In the morning we dug for dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs and made our own cave paintings. We ended the day with a live volcano and a tyrannosaurus rex piñata. Needless to say, it was a blast from the past!

Nursing Home Week: “Art Day”

Art was the theme for day two of Nursing Home Week. We kept the residents creative juices flowing all day. We tie-dyed in the morning and decorated cupcakes in the afternoon, along with spin art and group art therapy that our great friend Terri Giller helped us out with. Our group made a wonderful collage that we will be hanging up in our newly renovated building. The residents are very proud of all the things that they made that day and are excited to share them with others!

Nursing Home Week: “International Day”

On the first day of Nursing Home Week, we started with an international theme. We had stakeholders from the countries of Bulgaria and El Salvador help us with our culture fair and host booths from their countries. They both brought in food from their countries for the residents to taste test. We also had two other booths from Japan and Kenya.

Our residents loved learning about these different countries, and most of all taste testing the yummy (and maybe not so yummy when it came to the octopus) cuisines. It was a fun filled day with brand new experiences to be sure.

To end the day we had Matt Bridges from Music for Seniors come in and play island themed music with our residents. He brought in plenty of instruments for them to play along with him. They loved listening and playing along to the music with fun daiquiris in their hands.

Day one of nursing home week was a wonderful success!

Spring Break Day

The residents at Madison had a picnic outside on the patio for Signature’s Spring Break day. They enjoyed sub sandwiches, chips, cookies, and Coca Cola, all alongside some good ole fashioned vitamin D. The weather could not have been more perfect for our wonderful lunch!